Relief artists

The list is incomplete due to the fact that for some relief artists, the lack of accessible literature makes it difficult to investigate their biographical data and to estimate their importance.


Landscape modeller

Franz Ludwig Pfyffer von Wyher (1716–1802), Switzerland

Charles-François Exchaquet (1746–1792), Switzerland

Joachim Eugen Müller (1752–1833), Switzerland

Karl Wilhelm Kummer (1785–1855), Germany

Karl August Schöll (1810–1878), Switzerland

Eduard Beck (1820–1895), Switzerland

Franz Keil (1822–1876), Austria

Charles Eugène Perron (1837–1919), Switzerland

Albert Heim (1849–1837), Switzerland

Xaver Imfeld (1853–1909), Switzerland

Fridolin Becker (1854–1922), Switzerland

Simon Simon (1857–1925), Switzerland

Paul Oberlercher (1859–1915), Austria

Jakob Oberholzer (1862–1939), Switzerland

Carl Meili (1871–1919), Switzerland

Joseph Reichlin (1872–1927), Switzerland

Leo Aegerter (1875–1953), Switzerland

Karl Wenschow (1884–1947), Germany

Eduard Imhof (1895–1986), Switzerland

Alessio Nebbia (1896–1975), Italy

Otto Raab (about 1900–1940), Germany

Fritz Ebster (1901–1963), Austria

Carlos Vidal Box (1906–1970), Spain

Mario Fantin (19xx), Italy

F. Kienzle (18xx), Austria

Domenico Locchi (18xx), Italy

Carlos Pomba (about 1880), Italy

Toni Mair (born 1940), Switzerland

Wolfgang Pusch (born 1975), Germany

Jeff Welter, Germany


Urban modeller

Niccolò Tribolo (1500–1550), Italy

Jakob Sandtner (about 1570–75), Germany

Jacques Laurens (about 1660–1700), France

Jean-François Montaigu (1681–before 1714), France

François Ladevèze (about 1682–1729), France

Nicolas de Nézot (1699–1768), France

Jean-Baptiste Larcher d’Aubencourt (1711–after 1791), France

Jean-Philipp Gengembre (1723–after 1804), France

Guislain-Joseph Gengembre (1734–1809), France

Martin Boitard (1778–1822), France

Joseph-Toussaint Boitard (1783–after 1850), France

Colonel Augoyat (1783–1864), France

Edouard Boitard (1814–1873), France

Léon Leymonneyre (1803–after 1869), France