Alessio Nebbia (1896–1975) [1]

Portrait photo of Alessio Nebbia

Alessio Nebbia was a designer, a photographer, an illustrator of mountains, a sculptor, but primarily he was a mountain lover. In particular he loved the mountains of Valle d'Aosta, as evidenced on his model of the Aosta Valley, which required three years of work, until 1957, and the use of thousands of photographs. The model is current exhibited in the lobby of the Regional Council of the Valle d'Aosta.

Relief of the Valle d'Aosta

Valle d'Aosta (Italy) 1:50,000, 220 x 140 cm, 1957, Alessio Nebbia,

Alessio Nebbia constructed four more terrain models:
- Mont Blanc, scale 1:10,000, 106 x 145 cm, 1937
- Monte Rosa and Matterhorn, scale 1:10'000, 150 x 280 cm, 1941
- Dent du Géant, scale 1:1,000, 23.5 x 23.5 cm, 1925
- Matterhorn, scale 1:10,000, 36 x 36 cm, 1922

Mont Blanc
Monte Rosa

Alessio Nebbia was born in 1896 in Castello d’Annone, near Asti, Italy. Few years later he moved with the whole family to Turin, where he spent his childhood and his youth. In Turin he developed a particular interest for the art of painting: museums, exhibitions and in particular the nature were his guides.

In 1925 he moved to Courmayeur. By this step he followed the need for loneliness and proximity with the mountains developed since his youth. The spirituality of those mountains had a decisive influence on his artistic formation.

He started illustrating the landscape through a series of wonderful pictures nowadays characterised by an historical value. At the same time he represented the mountains through maps and plastic models perfectly in scale.

In the years following World War II he developed an artistic vision of the mountains. This resulted in several paintings illustrating the deeper and more intimate aspects such as snowfalls, dawns, sunsets or nocturnal scenes. In this phase Alessio Nebbia alternated some time spent in Turin with periods in the Aosta Valley.

In 1972 he moved to Cuneo, Italy, where he passed away on October 18th, 1975 [2].

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